Our Mission

Unique Finds Gifts was founded by Dr. Robert A. Southard, and is based in Overland Park, Kansas.

Our goal is to create new streams of income for people living in poverty and for Christian ministry and missionary efforts through global trade of products. We wish to promote:

  • Economic Development especially for the poorest, helping balance the playing field.
  • Global Mission Education/Awareness especially through Christian Missionaries and their ministries and partnerships.
  • Missions Support for Christian churches, Individuals and Mission efforts around the world.  Many of the prices in our store include support to a Christian ministry organization or missionary as well as an artisan.
  • Fair Trade*

*NOTE – For us, Fair Trade means artisans and producers of products sell them at a price that allows them to  sustain a reasonable standard of living if they were to make the product on a full time basis in their location. Purchasing fairly traded goods helps provide a liveable wage for the artisans, producers, and farmers who need it most.

We sell goods in our store in Overland Park, Kansas, online, and at on-site sales within a 400-mile radius.

Consider letting us ship you items for you to sell at your special event.

Contact Robert Southard at uniquefindsministry@gmail.com or call 913-209-2251 or 913-642-2468 for more details.

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